Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strollie Care

Maria called the office yesterday and left a message..."Hi my name is Maria...I got stuff on my little brother's Strollie" will you call me back? Byeeeeee"

We love getting messages from clients asking "What is the best way to clean their new Strollie blanket." What soap cleans my Strollie best? Can I put my blanket in the washer with my son's stuffed animals? My daughter spilt milk all over her Strollie blanket in her carriage, if I dry clean the blanket will it still be organic? How do I put my blanket away for the season? Everyone wants the best for their Strollie.

When we receive a message like Maria's it makes us smile…:)

If you have a question about your Strollie blanket email and let us know. We'll do whatever we can to keep you and your Strollie happy.

Cleaning your Strollie blanket:

It's as easy as 1 2 3...

Spot clean your Strollie. Apply a small amount of water onto the dirty spot and dab it with an organic liquid soap.
Rinse the soap from your Strollie with cold water.
Roll in a towel to remove the excess water…then lay flat or line dry. No Dryer.

  • If you would like to clean your Strollie in it's entirety: machine or hand wash in cold water with just a drop of organic liquid soap. There are many organic liquid soap options, we like Vermont Soap Organics’ Liquid Sunshine. Liquid Sunshine is an all purpose organic cleaner but sensitive enough for your skin. Ask for Bill he is very helpful.

  • Your Strollie is 100% certified organic, so be cautious when including any thing other than organic items in it’s wash load.

  • If the spot doesn't lift off your Strollie it may be time for an organic dry-cleaner. When finding a green dry cleaner make sure/ ask what process they use. If they say the pressurized CO2 process of cleaning, great! If they say we use perchloroethylene - Very BAD! This process may cause skin and respiratory irritations. The Environmental Protection Agency says this may be a "human" carcinogen.

  • Once cleaned and dry, your Strollie will be ready for another one of your child's fun adventures.

    Putting your Strollie away for the season

    The best way to store your Strollie is to first clean it. We have found a freshly cleaned Strollie, packaged in a clean Strollie Bag stores well for the off season. Even though organic wool is naturally dust mite resistant, it’s always a good idea to take the extra step when storing your Strollie for a long period of time. Place a small sachet of herbs with your Strollie blanket into the Strollie Bag (tie a handful of dried herbs in a small piece of cheese cloth) to help keep any other bugs out. They don't like the herbs...rosemary, thyme, lavender, and lemon grass scents. Since wool naturally doesn't take on scents or smells...the scented sachet won't last long on your Strollie once removed from it’s seasonal storage.

    Cleaning and storing your Sleep, Sit or Stand Strollie blanket will ensure it’s enjoyment for many seasons to come.

    Clean green, live well, love your Strollie.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    What are nutrional labels not telling us?

    We stroll through our busy lives everyday thinking about what? How are my children, is my husband okay driving to work, what bills are due today, when is my tee time Saturday, who has dance class this afternoon, do I have time to paint today, are my stocks up or down, when is my vacation on Nantucket, what's for dinner?

    Yes, what is for dinner?

    As I stroll into the market at 5:13pm last night I recall an email I received weeks ago talking about genetically modified foods in America. I was surprised to know the nutritional details and product ingredients stated on U.S food store shelves didn't have to state if the item was anyway genetically modified.

    So let me ask you...

    How many products on average are in a grocery store?
    How many of them have corn in them?
    Who supplies the corn?
    What kind of corn is it?
    Where does the corn come from?

    So many questions, so many misconceptions, so many hidden issues.

    Let's sort them out. On average there are over 40,000 items in a grocery store.
    Approximately 90% of all products on the grocery store shelves have a form of "corn" (or soy) in them. All of the corn supplied for these products - (about 90%) comes from a very large company who genetically modify their corn seed. Genetically modified corn comes from seeds that have been injected with an unknown chemical. It's their answer to not having to use as many chemicals on crops (not true-chemicals are still sprayed on corn crops). This company is an American company and all this corn is grown in the US.

    A seed that is genetically modified is done so with unknown chemicals... the chemicals that modify these seeds are still being researched for any side effects to humans. Genetically modified seeds are supposed to help the seed fight against bugs, infection, drought, over watering, they are supposed to help bring in a bigger yield at harvest time, to control the little farmers who grows the corn...because the genetically modified seeds are patented protected by this company and to allow American's to have all kinds of foods when every and where ever they want.

    But at what price? Why are American's not allowed to know which products are genetically modified?

    So as we stroll through the food store and see what's for dinner look closely at the label....is corn an ingredient? If it is, choose an organic brand!!

    Every time you choose an organic product at the market you are voting for an item that has not been genetically modified.

    This very large company (who is being subsidized by our government) doesn't want ANYONE to know they are genetically modifying 90% of the American "corn crops" (and soy). What they do want is a bill to pass that is being ruled on this week which states SHHHHH on all GMO Labeling. They don't want to allow any other conventional or organic farmer the right to state NOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED on their labeling. I believe we live in the land of the free. Let's be brave and choose organic where ever we can.
    There has been a lot of controversy on this topic. Take a stand. It's your right to know what you’re eating.

    Please read and act!!!!

    Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Organic

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    2 Buckets of Seaweed to go Please

    Have you ever noticed as soon as the warm weather comes around there are more walkers, runners, and baby carriages out strolling around? I love winter walks but we all wait for summer. It's great to see people out exercising and taking some time for themselves. It's something I propose doing more of.

    So tonight we strolled through the village of our small town by the sea. The weather was perfect...warm and sunny, with a light southern breeze. The sweet sounds of song birds here and there with the smell of blooming spring flowers everywhere.

    As we turned the corner onto Summer Street there was a women on her hands and knees spreading a thick dark, wet looking substance on her garden? As we got closer we realized it was seaweed. It reminded me of one of my Father's great organic gardening tips..."when you leave the beach bring a couple of buckets of seaweed home" is what he would say. He would use it as top dressing in the vegetable garden...it's a super mulcher, it protects the garden soil from the hot summer heat, and the seaweed covering keeps the weeds down. But, best of all the seaweed shares it's rich mineral's with the vegetable plants so you know your growing the most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

    If you're not near the sea to harvest a bit of seaweed...there is a company in Gloucester, Massachusetts called Neptune’s Harvest. Neptune’s Harvest is an organic fertilizer company. They sell all kinds of wonderful potions...all organic and very easy to use. I discovered them a few years ago online...I was looking for an organic solution to de-bug our uwanamus bush... she had contracted an aphid problem...but there was no way we were losing her to some tiny bugs. I called and talked to Ann at Neptune's Harvest...she suggested the Fish and Seaweed fertilizer...she said "you'll be pleased"...I love that her products are 100% organic. She said "there's always an organic solution when gardening".

    As we continued our stroll through the village enjoying the warm setting sun on our short sleeved arms...we turned the corner down a small side street...both of our eyes wide open...a large white truck was parked in front of our neighbors drive way...we were shocked...a chemical company spraying our neighbors lawn. I knew our neighborhood was competitive...as far as lush green lawns are concerned but...we couldn't believe that in this day and age of "organics" and "going green" people are still spraying chemicals on their lawns and gardens.

    Tomorrow before our early morning stroll, I'm going to leave a bottle of Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed fertilizer on our neighbors back porch with a little note "compare this bottle of organic fertilizer to what the truck of chemicals cost." (One bottle of Fish and Seaweed will keep their lawn green and lush all summer long.) We have been using it for 2 seasons with great success.

    Let's all save a little money while taking care of our yards and gardens organically...purchasing organic garden products just feels right. The next time you stroll into your garden supply shop...ask for the organic version for whatever is on your list. Your neighbors will thank you...and so will the honey bees.

    Happy green strolling.

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Strolling for the March of Dimes

    This past weekend we attended a wonderful event for a great cause...The 9th Annual Great Chefs Dinner to benefit the March of Dimes. This charity is near and dear to our hearts. We donate 10% of our profits through our program Comfort For The Cure. The event took place at the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA. The evening started out with a silent auction with hors d'oeuvres and champaign. We donated one of our Winter Strollie blankets to the silent auction. After the silent auction ended, everyone strolled over to their table into grand dining room where there was a 5 course meal prepared by various chefs throughout the country. To our surprise, the couple that won our Strollie blanket were sitting at our table for dinner. They bid on it for their new granddaughter. There was a live auction that took place throughout the dinner, and several vacations were auctioned off to raise money. This event has raised over $400,000 for the March of Dimes. We can't wait until next year's event.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Happy Valentine's Day

    As soon as February strolls around all I can think about is what I’m getting my honey for Valentines Day. I know there are other things more pressing… (the list is long) but the one challenge that gets a lot of my attention is how and what kind of tasty treat will I give my sweetheart for Valentines Day? Last night I strolled into the study to do a little research online. I came up with some great results…keeping my New Years resolution in mind…”more organics for my everyday life”. I came across Green and Black‘s Organics. We love this brand of chocolate. I picked it up at our local market before a round of golf one Saturday last Summer (it said organic so I thought it was worth a try), it was delicious. We have been fans ever since. As my online research on G&B Organics continues…to my surprise they have organic ice cream as well. My honey loves ice cream. Who doesn’t???? Its cold presence is followed by its creamy interior and if done well has a sumptuous flavor to rival any treat. If you don’t like ice cream write and share with me your favorite sweet delight…try to keep it organic, so I can stay true to my resolution. How would I incorporate this great organic company’s sweets for my Valentine??

    It’s Sunday February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day 2010. It’s time to execute my month long (actually 13days of planning) search for the perfect organic Valentine treat. Breakfast starts off with home made Belgium waffles topped with some frozen rasberries (we pick and froze from our raspberry patch last July). We freeze them, because the market only sells conventional rasberries during the Winter. Freezing allows us rasberries during the off season. The berries defrost as soon as they hit the hot rich syrup from Two Pigs Farm. Another delightful company we enjoy. They only offer their syrup once a year. Don’t miss it. As I unveiled my Valentines treat…his eyes and mouth wide open…The little sweets arrived all 30 of them…I made the Green & Black's Dark Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bonbon recipe. They were adorable all nestled in the pink and silver heart shaped paper carton. They were nicely chilled from a night in the freezer. The recipe says it makes 32…mine made 33. Yes, I sampled one last night. I had to make sure they were worthy for my Valentine. Perfecto! So for the rest of the day we snuggled on the sofa with our Strollie Stand blankets and two pots of our home made soy milk hot chocolates. The day together was forever. A day on the couch snuggled up with our Strollie, our home made organic treats and a pile of funny movies. Happy Valentines Day.

    The next time you stroll by your market’s freezer section, look for a delicious organic ice cream, it’s always in season.

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    A Stroll to the Market

    As we start out the year 2010, we thought to ourselves "Let's really try and incorporate organics in everything we buy". We started with our re-usable grocery bags, not only are they better than plastic; you also get a discount for using them. So when strolling to the market, look to buy these items listed below organically, you will be eating healthier without even knowing it. You may pay a little bit more, but you are worth it aren't you?

  • Produce
    If there is one item on your list that absolutely should be organic, it's produce. Because of the mass production, there are so many chemicals used when growing produce. When buying produce in your supermarket, always look for the number 9 on the produce label. This ensures that the product was grown organically, without chemicals. Any brand is good, but just keep an eye out for that number 9.

  • Milk
    Not unlike produce, dairy is a very important product to buy organically. Milk will have a lot of synthetic hormones added to it, which are toxins. An added bonus to organic milk is that it lasts longer than conventional. We buy Nature's Promise (Stop & Shop brand) or Organic Valley. Both are very good.
  • If you buy organic milk, write to me and let me know your favorite.

  • Organic Soup
    This might not seem it, but soup goes hand in hand with produce. When buying conventional soup, what are you getting? Conventional produce. Organic soup will only be made with organic ingredients, including the produce put into it. We find that a good organic soup is Imagine Foods. They are delicious and have many different varieties.

  • Cleaners
    You may not realize it, but when you clean your house with conventional cleaners, you are not cleaning at all. You are actually applying harmful chemicals all over everything you "clean". These chemicals are not only on the counters, sinks, showers, and toilets; they are in the air as well. These cleaners also leave a residue on your counters which gases into the air. Studies have shown that these chemicals can cause or accelerate diseases, respiratory problems, and lung irritation. We only use 7th Generation in our house. Who wants to wear a mask when cleaning your house?

  • So when strolling to the market next week, think about this list and see how many items you can buy organically. You will have a great feeling in your heart knowing that you are eating food that not only tastes good, but is healthy for you. Send me your list and we can compare...yes this is a challenge.

    Monday, December 28, 2009

    A Stroll on Two Pigs Farm

    If you have ever been to Vermont you know it's a bit more relaxed. It was exactly what we were looking for on our four day trip with family...eating, drinking, and laughing. Our stroll started on the 23rd of December...we would be the first of the four couples to arrive at Two Pigs Farm for Christmas weekend. So we unpacked and set out for our live Christmas tree. A few miles later we arrived in a small town in New York...just over the Vermont border...to a place that sold Christmas trees... we were prepared with a set of cotton cloves and clippers and a tarp to haul it home..."What size truck do you have?" asked the gentleman - Ha we have a Saab sedan. "Ha ha good luck" he said with a smile. So with John's friendly holiday spirits, he helped us saw the tree down from a 10 footer to a 6 footer...we clipped some branches for swags and clipped some more. She packed beautifully into the trunk...and into the back seats as well.

    Being as we were the first to arrive at the farm, it was our duty to create the menu and cook for our Christmas Eve fish fry. After the Christmas Vigil, we set up and prepared to create our version of a traditional fish fry...organic style. The menu consisted of organic mushrooms stuffed with organic crabmeat, stuffed organic jumbo shrimp, organic linguini with clams, and organic chocolate chip cookies. Preparing all of this food was quite a task, but being in a professional kitchen made it much easier. Two Pigs Farm happens to be the set for a country cooking show, so all of the essential tools are at your fingertips. Several hours later after everyone had arrived from their long trips, we sat down to eat our organic fish fry just before Midnight.